Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days

Snow days are miracles. So why do I feel so stressed when I have an entire 24 hours spread out in front of me? 24 hours that I can control, all on my own.

I fascilate between wants and needs. How do I justify working on my story from sun up to sun down when there are papers to grade, lesson plans to write, and curriculum to tweek? And don't forget about exercising, the office that needs organizing, the movies that need watching so they can be returned, and the banana muffins I've wanted to bake for over a month. Oh yeah, and there are the birthday and shower gifts to buy. How is it that I never learned know how to relax? Or give myself permission to be me?

So many stories, so little time. What will it take for me to add them to my list of essentials, my list of things that MUST be done? My 'honey-do's...
This blog is the beginning of that journey. It's time for me to start building my own castle.


  1. Well, boo!

    So fun to see you out here!!

    We're on snow day number three. Really not much snow left to speak of, though the temp was so low this morning, the school buses wouldn't start.

    Did you ever send something to Alyssa Henkin? Get on it, girl.

  2. It's a process: Respect the process. Do whatever it takes, if it's your passion. If your book is about muffins, then make those muffins first. Otherwise, sit down and write.