Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Kisses

The thing I am saddest about in the Summer of Nancy Kate rewrite is that I have to throw away the whole Charm School bit. Instead, as I percolated on my character and her new journey, I discovered that her mom was forcing her to go to cheer camp.

As I followed her into Chapter Six, I didn't want to throw away her first party and her first kiss - even though it's an abysmal experience for our poor heroine.

Last night, as I sat at Miller Auditorium watching "Drumline", memories of band camp flooded over me. Howie Hair and Checkpoint Charlie. My first dance, my first kiss - barely before I turned sixteen.

God is good. Suddenly, I knew that I could keep the party, dance, kiss scene. Cheer Camp has dances, and boys, and first kisses. Cheer Camp (that still needs a name)...

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