Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Pressure of Feeding Your Soul

I spent yesterday with my beautiful daughter and her husband, as well as the rest of my amazing family, celebrating her graduation from law school. Sadly, the demons in my head were constantly gnawing away at my contentment. What were the demons?

Lesson plans. Grading papers. Recording grades. Writing the newsletter.

These are the demons that plague me every waking hour of every day. People say, "Well, at least you have your summers off." But they don't know that summers are taken up with preparing curriculum for the next year.

Here is what I wanted to be doing:
Concentrating on what people were saying to me. Not worrying about the constant monkey on my back.

Today is Mother's Day. A beautiful, sunny day. There are many things that would feed my soul today: Having lunch with my amazing, wonderful mother. Going to gurudwara and see my peeps. My YA manuscript about the Punjab. My picture book about Rajasthani puppets. Unraveling the mysteries of my own author webpage. The manuscript in google docs that is awaiting my author profile.

Instead. What am I doing for Mother's Day?
Lesson plans. Grading papers. Recording grades. Writing the newsletter.

Do I hate my life? Decidedly, NOOOOO! Do I love my students? Unconditionally!

Am I having a difficult time right now with the problem of killing off demons, while trying to feed my soul? HEEECKKKKS yeah.

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