Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Faction Friction or The Monster Under the Bed

So, I have several non-fiction picture books. None of them any good. And none of them catering to the current 'faction' trend. I told Jodell about them and asked if she'd like to see them and she graciously said yes, but that they would have to be sent now-ish. Before her crazy season. Ha! I forgot about my own crazy season. And that is not the only dilemma:

1. I have a huge lack of self-esteem when it comes to writing a) non-fiction and b) picture books (and c: writing)
2. While trying to download a seemingly innocent app someone had told me about, I incurred the wrath of the great computer gods. They were further angered when I had the unmitigated gal to download a rogue Spyware app. I have sacrificed much time and energy the past five days at the alter of the Trojan and Malware, trying to purge many a deadly virus.
3. It's the end of the year (as we know it...). 'Nuff said.
4. My non-fiction picture books were not of the 'faction' variety which is the only thing worth sending these days...or so I'm told. Therefore hard revisions (of the perfectionist type) are ongoing...and going...and going...

So why don't I throw in the towel on this seemingly hopeless venture? I have a million notebooks filled with research and a bazillion non-fiction picture book ideas. Besides, I really want to make this work, and, in case you haven't heard, I don't give up very easily.

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