Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Writing Days...with Fellows

No, not Gentlemen. Fellows as in like-minded individuals. Or fellow authors. Or fellow ex-pats. Well, maybe not the last one. But, you get the idea.

Because having the 'fellows' IS the idea. For me, in the summer, every day is a writing day (at least I try). But I value beyond measure these days when fellow writers come to my home (or I go to theirs) and we share fellowship, break bread (or chocolate), and write. I find that, when they are here, I am less likely to take that 2 hour reading break. Or update my status on Facebook - aka go on YouTube to check out the latest from 'Superwoman'. Or watch the Common Core videos I was supposed to be watching all school year - wait, I still haven't done that. The sun is less distracting, the phone goes unanswered. Writing IS the thing.

There's also an instant audience on which to bounce ideas - not the heavier ones because I don't want to cause any injury. And shoulders on which to cry at the mean, nasty business that fails to recognize our collective creative genius. And so, the scent of coffee fills the air as I get myself settled in and wait for my wonderful writing fellows.

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