Monday, July 8, 2013

New Formats, Old Dogs

So, I'm using Scrivener to organize my revision of Harry Back. It's a great program and I'm glad I purchased it. But I can only get it to work on one computer. At times like these I feel very old. I know that most people would be able to press some buttons, use some apps, tweet some twits, and have their story on every computer in the house. I am not most people.

Scrivener is very cool. I doubted the person who told me that it was the bee's knees. That was before I learned how to revise correctly. With Scrivener, I can take the Character Arc and put it on note cards which I can then attach to a clipboard. I can also take my Plot Arc and make sure that it follows the same progression. My story timeline is on a link in another part of the program - an easy click away!

I then break my Plot into three acts and my acts into the various chapters. I make sure that the Hero's Journey is represented in each chapter and that each chapter is divided into subsequent scenes. Chapters and Scenes are also on note cards attached to a clipboard. This is a very handy way to see everything. It is also so much easier for manipulation - moving scenes and plot points to better spots in the novel. I have been able to delete scenes that add nothing to the journey and beef up scenes that didn't have enough tension.

The only thing I still can't on this doggone story upstairs - where I have my pictures of characters and settings. Oh well, I will figure it out. After all, I have proven time and again that it IS possible to teach old dogs new formats.

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