Thursday, July 30, 2015


I've finished my second major rewrite of the Punjabi love story (YEAH) and, as always, it's bitter sweet. I feel as though I need to put it away for a while, get some distance from it before I look at it with some fresh eyes for the MAJOR-MAJOR overhauls to come. As always, it's unsettling. I'm adrift with indecision. What do I do? Do I start a brand new project? Work on that Louisiana piece that's been haunting me for years? Maybe pull out the information on Kentucky ghost towns and find out what story is nibbling the edge of my brain from Creelsboro...

Or do I finally hunker down and flesh out my historical fiction, Color of Death? I'm so passionate about getting that story out there. Especially since it's a true story. And a murder mystery to boot!!! But I've been pondering this story for the better part of a week and I still haven't decided whether to rewrite it from Michael's point of view - a freed slave, teenage boy - definitely all of which I'm not. Or whether I should keep it in the form of a time travel  novel - which would allow me to keep the bit about the slave gravesites that have been covered by a university parking lot.

Or do I rewrite that pesky Dandelion Fuzz, telling the truth about EVERYTHING (see my Uhaul post), which would be a grueling, difficult rewrite and, frankly, something I'm not positive I'm up for this summer.

But the summer is quickly waning. And I am riddled with indecision. There are only so many more days of deliberation left. These are the types of things that plague my mind when I'm sitting at the pool, pretending to be a part of conversations...

If you have any thoughts, please feel free to chime in. For now, I'm off to the pool to percolate and pretend to listen.

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